Sonia & Shaun -Inishowen Gateway Hotel ,Buncrana

Sonia and Shaun, living in London, decided to come home to Ireland to tie the knot on New Year's Eve. The eve of the first day of the New Year began in the historically rich Island of Inch, Donegal. A place that seems separate from the rest of the world; beautiful, enchanted, and apt for Sonia and Shaun exchanging their vows, transitioning them into the union of marriage. With their bridesmaids, wearing the fresh colour of navy blue matching the groom, and creating a striking, yet complementary, contrast against the brilliant white of Sonias's beautifully elaborate fish-tale wedding dress, and four flower girls, that could have been easily mistaken as angels, they made their way to the Island as Man and Woman and left as Husband and Wife, and always remembering Inch as the place where they joined together on the eve of 2013. Leaving the Island as a newly married couple, they went to the Inishowen Gateway Hotel, Buncrana, where they celebrated their new life with family and friends. On they way to their Wedding Reception the bridal party made a stop at the quaint surroundings of ‘The Red Door’ in the ambient Fahan, another scenic place of Donegal, for their wedding photos. There I captured the spirit and joy of the newly formed marriage of Sonia and Shaun who began their newly married life on the final day of 2012 and beginning their new life in 2013,a year already marked with the most special occasion of marriage. Here are some my favourite images of the day and please let us know what do you think of them!